Cis-regulatory element Predictor
Regulatory interactions in cis provide an "on-site" mechanism for regulating the function of protein domains in a steric or allosteric manner.  Cis-regPred predicts intrinsically disordered protein regions that may regulate protein function by mediating interactions in cis.

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Since Cis-regPred relies on experimental data from databases such as UniProt, jobs can currently only be submitted by using an UniProt accession number. If the submitted UniProt accession number (e.g. Q06263, Q96RR4) has already been used for a prediction before, cached results will be shown immediately. New submission may take a while. 

Please enter correct UniProt accession numbers (separated by comma) and your email address below.

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Citation: Cell Systems, 2016

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If you'd like to submit batch queries, please see the help for programmatical access to Cis-regPred.

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